About the Author

In her professional life, Laura Bell is a Change Management Consultant, supporting Fortune 500 companies prepare for and execute major change initiatives. Prior to moving to Charlotte in 2007, she worked for a breakthrough performance consulting company where she coached senior level executives to get beyond the mindsets that were holding them back from reaching their full potential. In her personal life, along with being a wife and mother of three, she is an expert saver. Laura and her husband, Erwin have been living by the Spend One, Save One Couple’s Strategy for Wealth for over 20 years. After the last devastating financial crisis, she started thinking about how her expertise in wealth building and breakthrough thinking could be combined to provide couples with the knowledge and ability to build wealth as she has done throughout her marriage. The Couple’s Strategy for Building Wealth: Myths, Mindsets and Money is the product of that commitment, combining breakthrough thinking skills with the art of saving money to guide readers as they pursue the fine art of building wealth.